Nepe is an easy-to-use, affordable and quick solution for seed treatment.The liquid seed treatment device can be installed anywhere in the auger or reini nepeseeder’s filler augers.We also manufacture augers suitable for seed treatment.

  • Works with 230V mains power, the liquid seed treatment device does not run on pressurised air!
  • Can be delivered with a 12V direct current engine, with power coming straight from the tractor.
  • Comes with four nozzle options, adjustment range 0.2–1 l/min.
  • Even seed treatment flow with the piston diaphragm pump.
  • Precise seed treatment spreading with flat spray nozzle.
  • Efficient seed treatment mixture with the grain with the auger.
  • Adjusting the seed treatment amount is easy with our new calculator!



Liquid seed treatment calculator (yet only in the Finnish language) (opens in a separate window) 

At this moment, the Nepe calculator has the following seed dressings:

Is the treatment agent you use or market not included?Contact us!



Instructions for adjusting the seed dressing amount:

If you do not know the throughput of your auger, determine that first (kg/min). This can be done by filling a bag with grain for one minute and then weighing the bag.

Select the seed dressing and determine the dosing of the agent (ml/kg or l/t).

Calculate the dosage for the throughput of your auger.

Open the NEPE calculator

Select the seed dressing you use. If it is not on the list, contact us.

Enter the desired amount of the agent in the format ml/min.

Click Calculate Adjustment Values.

The program gives you the adjustment values for the seed treatment device (the nozzle and pressure to use).


The throughput of the auger is 30 t/h / 60 min = 500 kg/min.

You are using Fungazil, dosage 200 ml/100 kg of seed.

The required agent dosage per minute is 500 kg/min x 200 ml/100 kg = 1,000 ml/min.

With this information, the NEPE calculator will tell you that you will attain a throughput of 1,000 ml/min with nozzle #16 and a pressure of 2.84 bar.


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